MedTech company OxDX announces rebrand to Pictura Bio

3 Jan 2023

The new name symbolises both a maturing medtech company and a distinctive relevance to the industry it’s looking to change.

Pictura Bio celebrates the next generation of diagnostic technology. As well as the name of the organisation, Pictura Bio introduces IRIS, the future of diagnostics tools. And PIC-ID, the patented technology that the organisation is built upon.

The previous name of the company was a strong foundation and marked the beginning of an exciting journey as a spinout from Oxford University with Founders Nicole Robb and Nicolas Shiealis. Since establishing the company, it has grown to feature an outstanding calibre of advisors, scientists and staff that are continuing the mission of transforming how diagnostics are facilitated.

The new brand features a new logo, branded ecosystem, animations, extension and devices, as well as imagery taken from their lab and offices based in Oxford.

“OxDX has served us up to now. As we continue to develop our technology, we need something that is more reflective of the organisation we’re growing into.” said Alex Batchelor, CEO of Pictura Bio, “This brand reflects that evolution, and we’re excited to get it out to the world, and to work towards getting our product to GPs, hospitals and pharmacies globally.” he continued.

Pictura Bio commissioned York based Brand Strategy & Communications agency Cohesion Labs to design and build the brand. Founder & Strategy Director, Craig Stockwell said, “It’s been fantastic working with Alex, Chris and the team at Pictura Bio to deliver the future of their organisation. Bringing this brand to life effectively, through the name of the brand, the product ecosystem and the identity meant diving into the future of diagnostic technology, healthcare and how we will respond to it as a population. 

Pictura’s technology is incredibly exciting, and we look forward to working with them further as it develops.”