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How our near instant diagnostics work:

In the heart of Oxford, Pictura Bio is pioneering a facial recognition technology for bugs, delivering near-instant diagnostics at the point of care, or wherever it’s needed.

Ever-growing challenges in the healthcare industry mean that the need for near instantaneous test results have never been more necessary, this technology is being developed to meet that need all over the world.

Our Ecosystem:

Pictura Bio's
Neural Network:

Our Neural Network is the database that VISTA checks against to identify a pathogen. This process ensures that as new tests and pathogens are learned by the network, it can be continuously rolled via a software update, instead of requiring new panels and the infrastructure to go with it.

How it works:


What's Next?

Pictura Bio has already delivered a proof of concept, and is now working towards building VISTA and readying for regulatory submission.

Use Cases:

Near instant point of care diagnostics in action:

A&E Triage

Get patients tested quickly and effectively, improve impatient times, ensuring more severe illness can be prioritised

Primary Care

Social care & care in the community means any outbreaks can be caught early, and treatment can be administered early


In community testing will ensure chemists have accurate data to treat diseases that they can, or directly refer for further treatment if needed


Spotting new pathogens early and rolling out updates quickly could keep a new virus or bacteria under control

Community outbreak

Flu or other similar outbreaks in highly populated areas such as schools, airports, colleges or spot checks at large events could be caught early and contained

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